IRON ZUU is the world’s first boutique gym that has a unique 50/50 mix of free weights with movement in every class. The movements in IRON ZUU come from ZUU training.

ZUU training is used in the elite environments for performance and is registered with gold standard accrediting bodies such as the American Council on Exercise, National Association of Sports Medicine, Fitness Australia and others. In armed forces ZUU is currently being taught to Physical training Instructors as a module for confined space training and remote location training. Combine ZUU with only dumbbell work and you have the most effective training on this planet in an industry first facility – IRON ZUU

IRON ZUU Promo 2 from Nathan Helberg on Vimeo.

How does IRON ZUU differ?

Unlike any program on earth, IRON ZUU is the unique 50/50 mix of free weights with movement in every class.

Each class is an original mix of:

  • Cutting edge programming focusing on dumbbell techniques that promote a more natural range of motion.
  • Unique combinations of ZUU movements that mobilise your joints, prevent injury, strengthen your cardio, ligaments, tendons which is crucial to increasing strength while burning body fat. 
  • Each class is limited in numbers so our IRON ZUU coaches can deliver a professional experience, educating you in movement. 
  • Expect a world class structured format that will build lean muscle, burn body fat while giving you freedom of movement through all of your joints.


Helps increase strength and burn body fat?

Movement precedes equipment. 

When our clienteles range/strength of motion increases from performing movement, this creates a direct correlation to power. Their ligaments and tendons become stronger, their body starts to work as an integrated system and not just isolated parts. 

Their squats get deeper, their shoulder press becomes more stable and their bench press increases as we build up their secondary system to support their major muscle groups. This builds more lean muscle while burning more body fat.

Expect to burn over 1000 calories during the workout and another 1000 calories over the next 24 hour period after our workouts. The IRON ZUU unique blend of free weights and movement is underpinned by world class programming, designed to target different energy systems maximising the cardio conditioning in short bursts, while delivering the lean muscle building component.

When you experience IRON ZUU workouts you’ll understand why this new kid on the block is about to set the fitness industry on fire!