Our greatest achievement is to serve others, here is the beginning of many stories. Cindy Rella

We want to highlight some of the stories that show us that ZUU is more than just about fitness. We thought what better way to do this than to let the people tell you themselves.

We have asked our trainers and our Affiliates to tell you about their ZUU journey.

We hope you enjoy. Any of these people can be contacted through us- they are happy to tell you more and we are happy to pass on your enquiries about their ZUU journey to them.

Cindy Rella. ( and yes that is her real name!)

My name is Cindy Rella, I am 44 years young.  People know me as the Matriarch of Braveness with the catch phrase #yesyoucan & #beyourownbrave. When the universe tells me I can’t, I always find a way somehow and show that I can, inspiring and leading the way to show others that they can do the same. 

I have been an athlete for over 22 years.  The best and worst 22 years of my life! I reached the pinnacle of my first love Karate winning a World Championship in 2005. Represented my country in 2 different sports, A semi Pro boxer retiring undefeated, and now my new love a kettlebell sport athlete, well on my way to reaching my goal of representing on the world stage in 3 different disciplines.

With the highs always comes the lows, suffered career ending (so I was told) injuries, health scares, battled depression, anxiety and suicide.

I suffered a kick to the knee in a training accident.  It was blown apart along with my life, 3 months out from the World championships and my 4th Dan grading.  I had to have 2 operations in a few months to rebuild it, and remove all the articular cartilage from my femur as it had ulcerated and couldn’t be repaired. Being told that I would need a knee replacement by the age of 40 wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

Then just over 6 years ago, life got pretty bad mentally with the breakdown of my marriage and I decided to take my life.  Lucky for me that was one thing I failed at. I spent the best 2 weeks of my life at a retreat in Currumbin Valley in recovery.  My life was forever changed.  That was where I found ZUU. I am forever grateful for my husband leaving, he gave me the best gift…Life!

My new found love of ZUU lead me to become a movement coach. I felt as though I had found my tribe, someone else who understood movement intuitively like I did in Nathan. I hunted down Nathan and the ZUU webpage and purchased the DVD’s. I would train with Nathan every day and still do on the odd occasion.  I think I was one of the first few videos posted on the original web page of getting a group to do ZUU with me. 

In those 6 years ZUU has changed my life completely. I was strong mentally and physically before, but ZUU has taken me to a whole new level. It’s been my constant, freeing my mind and my body.  Its my yoga..on steroids.  My knee is the best it has ever been, certainly no knee replacement and I have completed 1 full Ironman and 5 half Ironman distance races at an elite level, all thanks to ZUU #swimbikerunZUU

Being a ZUU affiliate, my purpose now is to show other athletes that this training modality is a must in your arsenal if you want to reach the pinnacle of your sport and be the best you can possibly be, especially fighters. I wish I had this when I was fighting karate. 

Some of the benefits I see are 

* pre-habilitation – Injury prevention, reducing soft tissue injuries with mobility through the hips, thoracic and ankles. 

* Strength endurance, time under tension

* Strength Resilience mentally and physically

* highlighting weaknesses to strengthen 

* rehabilitation through mobility 

What I love most about ZUU these benefits aren’t JUST for athletes. I deliver this to my seasoned adults, disabled client and children with amazing results. Physical activity over 40 is extremely important, having the belief that you can actually move at any level is empowering and important.  That saying “I’m too old” should be stricken from out vocabulary.   

Other benefits 

* longevity, anti ageing 

* joint mobilisation

* fall and injury prevention, aiding in helping you get up after a trip or fall 

* raising serotonin levels great for the mood. 

* reducing the risk of chronic illnesses 

* reduction of inflammation, motion is the lotion! unlocking those hips and movement allows the lymphatic system to flow better 

But the most important aspect of ZUU is the culture and the community it breeds.  Its not about how we look, its about the people first and foremost. Connection!

Society has disabled our touch and movement, especially in our youth! ZUU brings it back in a safe encouraging environment breaking down the barriers and bonding everyone.  My biggest joy is the smiles and chatter after a session.

Emotion and motion are connected.  ZUU not only liberates human movement, its liberating human emotion.

No matter what life throws at me ZUU is always my constant.  Through illness I have maintained my mental and physical strength.  ZUU saved my life, and continues to, I know it has my back. 


Cindy Rella


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