Our greatest achievement is to serve others, here is the beginning of many stories. Christopher Treacher

We want to highlight some of the stories that show us that ZUU is more than just about fitness. We thought what better way to do this than to let the people tell you themselves.

We have asked our trainers and our Affiliates to tell you about their ZUU journey.

We hope you enjoy. Any of these people can be contacted through us- they are happy to tell you more and we are happy to pass on your enquiries about their ZUU journey to them.

Christopher Treacher

I have been doing ZUU since August 2015 and became an affiliate at the end of 2015.

People wondered why I chose to do the ZUU Course, after being in the New Zealand Defence Force for 17 years and finishing my career as a Physical Training Instructor. I already had a sound knowledge of the Fitness Industry and methods on how to make people work, how to help them achieve and how to get them to move. According to them, “You already know how to do that stuff”. 

To this day, I am so glad I attended that course, it was LIFE CHANGING!

I became reinvigorated to say the least, I had more tools in my tool box, the biggest one in my opinion though was the culture. There is nothing like it! The philosophy of #PeopleFirstFitnessSecond was one I already knew I abided by, but did not have a label for it. When advertising the classes I took back then for the gym I was working for, it was all about  “Get the Results, See the Results!” How far I have come since then. It is now, all about the pillars of ZUU!

Fitness is a by product of what the real kaupapa (ideology) that underpins our training. People, Injury Prevention, Culture!

I had a lady that was adamant she was not able to do a bear crawl, 5 mins later, She was crawling, forwards AND backwards! Why? Because the culture of ZUU will not ever let you down if you believe in it. She stood up, looked at me, smiled and then gave the High 5 I had been waiting for.

ZUU is more than a workout, its more than a fitness movement, it is the mode of delivery for life’s lessons. The best things about it for me, are the fact that I can have entire families join in on the sessions, its the fact that I have improved my ability in speaking my own language (Te Reo M?ori) as I have been taking these classes in total immersion schools, I have helped people build that resilience, from not being able to run a 400m block without stopping to being able to run 10km trail runs. Helping strengthen those around me, not through preaching fitness, but showing them that it doesn’t matter if you are slow, or not as strong as that other person, you are off the sidelines, and in the game! Now stay there! Its about people.

I am fortunate to have a massive team of trainers at A2I Ltd that are of the same mindset as me, a supportive whanau that backs me and my ability to keep grinding it out in the trenches of a ZUU Session, and in the trenches of life.

A common whakatauki (proverb) in M?oridom is:

“He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He Tangata, he tangata, he tangata.”

“What is the biggest thing in the world, the people, the people, the people”

In my opinion, this is the essence of what I do and how ZUU re-iterates this, helps me to stay grounded.

I have been in the Fitness Industry for 12 years, so I have seen my fair share of solid training modalities and fly by night fads. I do not give this testimonial lightly, I stand by the complimentary training that ZUU can offer to other training modalities, from sport specific training, to traditional training methods in the weight room.

If you want to add tools to the toolbox, be reinvigorated in the fitness industry and life in general. Then you need to attend the course, meet with those that want to walk the same journey and embrace the culture. You will not regret it!


Christopher Treacher

A2I Ltd

“Aspire 2 Inspire” 

Hawkes Bay


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