Our greatest achievement is to serve others, here is the beginning of many stories. Ross Forde.

We want to highlight some of the stories that show us that ZUU is more than just about fitness. We thought what better way to do this than to let the people tell you themselves.

We have asked our trainers and our Affiliates to tell you about their ZUU journey.

We hope you enjoy. Any of these people can be contacted through us- they are happy to tell you more and we are happy to pass on your enquiries about their ZUU journey to them.

Ross Forde

I learnt more from this man in 1 hour than 5 years at working for Virgin Active.

Since meeting Nathan I have used something he has shown me in every training session and class I have delivered since.

I first met Nathan through the commercial gym I was working in, we had a compulsory session and a man from Australia who would show us “ZUU”. The natural reaction from the team was “what now?” ( they used to give us the run around constantly)  

The 60min session was so good that I immediately cancelled my sessions for the rest of the day so I could attend the afternoon session at our sister gym across town.

The next day I booked onto the ZUU level 1 course as soon as I could. The course gave me tools to use with every client I could think of as well as my own classes.

I teach Pilates in the city centre  – now every class has evolved providing more and more benefits to the desk workers whose movements have been stolen by being desk bound their whole working lives. ZUU has given me an insight to develop the original Pilates exercises into much more challenging routines for the advanced members of the group (Ask him about Cobras)

As a trainer in a commercial gym my clients often come in peak times which means the equipment and space can be difficult to get on. Nathan has taught me new exercises and a framework which means I can give someone a full body workout on the ground we stand on without having to resort to mindless burpees.

By taking the ZUU course I now feel confident working with people of all backgrounds building their stamina and movement without the use of equipment.

Nathan’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion shine through in his courses, videos and open workouts. I have driven over 3 hours to attend his events across the U.K. on more than 1 occasion and I would happily do so again.

On the ZUU course you don’t just learn a set of exercises, you will see an expert at work in how to build a tribe of devoted followers through culture and group communication this sets ZUU and Nathan apart from every other training modality and course I have experienced in over 16 years in the leisure and fitness industry.

If you have the chance to meet Nathan, either to train or learn with him, I implore you to grasp the opportunity with both hands, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Ross Forde- Leeds , United Kingdom.

Ross Forde


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