Our greatest achievement is to serve others, here is the beginning of many stories.

We want to highlight some of the stories that show us that ZUU is more than just about fitness. We thought what better way to do this than to let the people tell you themselves.

We have asked our trainers and our Affiliates to tell you about their ZUU journey.

We hope you enjoy. Any of these people can be contacted through us- they are happy to tell you more and we are happy to pass on your enquiries about their ZUU journey to them.

Tammy Mc Bride.

My name is Tammy McBride also known as (Banksie) and I have been in the health and

fitness industry a little under 10 years now. I started when I was 19 years of age and I was

lucky enough to find the training modality – ZUU. Since then I developed my ZUU training

and became the first Female trainer from the Gold Coast in that little tin shed.

Over the years ZUU has given me the tools to not only become healthier and fitter but to

grow as a person and question who I really wanted to be. I have trained thousands of

people all over Australia, New Zealand and UK and every person that I have come across

leaves the room feeling exhilarated, empowered and a part of the very special ZUU family.

I have trained young, old, women, men, children, overweight, athletes and many with

mental health issues searching for that one thing to fight for.

When people ask me what is ZUU? I always find it extremely difficult to answer and the

reason is this.

ZUU can be anything you want it to be.

• ZUU might be because you are overweight and looking for a training method that is not

intimidating or too hard but only to start getting your body moving again with simple

moves to start your mobilisation.

• ZUU might be that you have injuries and need to rebuild the muscles around that area to

get your strength back.

• ZUU might be that you are a professional athlete looking to break through new barriers

and challenge yourself physically and mentally.

• ZUU might just be an animal movement to you where you get up, have some fun and

find the culture that welcomes you with open arms.

• ZUU might be where you release tensions from the day.

As you can see there is so many ways to use ZUU to become stronger, fitter, push through

barriers, and be there for one another. ZUU teaches your body how to get back freedom of

movement and mobility.

My story in a nutshell. When I came to ZUU at 19 years of age, I was halfway through my

uni degree and had just broken up with long term boyfriend that treated me terribly. My

mum was worried about my mental state and introduce me to ZUU. Over my teen years I

had been through a lot. I lost friends in accidents, had cervical cancer, family members in

horrific accidents, chased by a man, and bullied. ZUU could not have been there at better


When I began I was just looking for an out, something to keep me busy. I had done sport

all my life and never felt like I was good enough, everything was just average. I fell in love

with ZUU and what started out to be just a place I could go so that I didn’t have to think

became a place where I could better myself. I started off by challenging my physical and

mental capabilities. I was then approached by Nathan to become a trainer. I went and did

my course and then followed that with my Level one in ZUU.

The course changed my life along with many others that I have so gratefully been able to

train along side. It opened up new avenues and opportunities for me. It didn’t seem to

matter how many sessions I would write each and everyone of them was so different and

catered for every person that walked into that room.

I was easily able to make them harder or easier depending on my client yet cater for every

bodies needs. I then began my teaching career and through that I was able to involve

children to become more aware of their bodies needs socially, emotionally and physically.

Children have lost the culture and importance of touch and I saw this change their world

over the course of running ZUU chimps.

I began to then become interested in muscle definition and overall body composition for

my very important wedding day. Six months later I fell pregnant and my training changed

again. I am still currently pregnant and still do ZUU everyday.

When I researched movements for pregnancy ZUU was the perfect fit as many women

birth in the frog position these days because it opens up your hips and pelvis more than

17% than laying or standing and as for the bear crawl it is often used to turn the baby to

ensure that it is in the correct position ready for birth.

So this is my story and the moral of the story is ZUU is able to be used in many aspects


Tammy McBride 30+ weeks


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