Our greatest achievements continued- Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley.

Having been in the industry for 17 years ZUU is the only course that I have come across that has

made me the Trainer I am today. Over the years in the industry I have done most of the Master

Trainer courses for the equipment you’ll find on most corporate gym floors. Even though I have

been immersed in the education in all of these, none have hit home like ZUU has done for me.

First and foremost, there is no kit. It’s just you and your body. The thing that surprised me the most

in my first ever session with Nathan was my mobility. I could immediately feel tightness in my hips

from the first movement, but also remember not really knowing why at this point… I also

remember the words from his mouth on that first set, “Do your hips feel tight, Bradders?” I nodded

and got the response, “They shouldn’t be!” He then went onto explain the features and benefits of

the movement so I understood why my hips were tight but more importantly understand how to

mobilise them and how that would prevent me from becoming injured. Being in a role that meant

covering a lot of miles in the car, my hips were often locked up and stiff from sitting for long

periods. Before ZUU, I’d have just “walked (limped) it off”. I now have a movement that has

completely eradicated this issue for me as I understand the importance of staying mobile. And

that’s just one move, ha ha!

Also, being a National Fitness Trainer (Trainer for the Trainers) for a big corporate gym company, I

considered myself as “reasonably fit”. And here’s the second thing I noticed from a conditioning

element. ZUU immediately exposed me to all of my weaknesses (not just in mobility but general

fitness as well). In short, I felt embarrassed to call myself a fitness trainer, managing only a few

reps of some movements before capitulating on the floor… At the point of thinking “I’m never

going to get this, it’s too hard, Nath is just a freak of nature”, Nathan helped me to find my entry

point for each specific movement so I could do it to my level and look to him to see what

progression looked like.

Nathan made me clearly understand how these movements will benefit me in my life so I was now

doing the movements for me not because he or anyone else was telling me to do it. Instead of

taking the easy option and passing it off, from that day I worked relentlessly on my weaknesses in

ZUU movements and can say today that those movements are now my favourites. By attacking my

weaknesses, it sent my strengths through the roof. I started PB’ing on movements where I’d

plateaued before and I felt amazing for it. It made me want to push beyond the boundaries that I’d

set out before in perceived limits. At 36 years old, I can openly and honestly say I am in the best

shape of my life and have ZUU and Nathan to thank for that! I even dropped 13 % body fat over

a 12 month period in my 1.5 x 2.5m kitchen using just ZUU – no gym, no equipment and in a

confined space!

Having experienced ZUU and fully immersed myself in it and seeing life changing results

personally, I knew that for everybody that I worked with 1 on 1 or in a group training environment,

I needed to share this with as many people that I came into contact with as I could. I wanted people

to feel how I felt and start their own journeys in liberating their own movement to become the best

version of themselves. For the last 3 years I have been doing ZUU, all have my clients and classes

have had people seeing drastic changes in their mobility and rehab from old injuries to help them to

move once again how they thought they never would again. And people’s fitness levels have

improved massively too!

It’s helped me to understand movement on a much deeper level and spot where people’s imbalances

and weaknesses are through their movements. But more importantly how to help correct that too.

It’s a truly humbling thing to see and feel with everyone I work with. I’ve seen clients drop

significantly in body fat %, whilst increasing lean muscle mass all without pick up any kit.

Nowadays, the least talked about thing with my clients is being injured from training or a hobby.

All I am doing is sharing with them what Nathan shared with me. Ages range from 16 to 72 in my

classes and we all train together and do the same drills. Everyone has their own entry points, just as

Nathan helped me find mine 3 years ago on my ZUU level 1 course. It allowed me to share and

show people that freedom of movement is so important, whet ever level you are at.

Coming back into my club with ZUU, I came up against a bit of resistance from other trainers that

thought it was just another thing that will come and pass like everything else. I was even told by

my line manager that “This is not a ZUU club, our members don’t like ZUU and crawling around,

we tried it before and it just doesn’t work here”. After taking a deep breathe in, I replied “OK,

thanks for the feedback….. I’ll be the judge of that”………. And here’s the thing that underpins

everything in ZUU for me, ZUU Culture.

I took time to help fulfil the fundamental human need of interaction and touch. It was certainly

non-existent in my club. People want to feel a part of something, to share a common goal or

interest. I started out with 1 person in my class for the first couple of weeks. Sometimes they

wouldn’t come and I’d train alone at the class advertised time anyway and people would always

come and ask what am I doing, or say that looks like hard work. I’d always stop to engage with

them and find some common ground with them and their training/goals before introducing them to a

movement or drill to make their life better. More often than not, they’d join me or come to the next

session. My aim was to make sure everyone that came to my class got a mini 1 on 1 touch point

with me.

By using the “Get A touch” (high 5’s) to break down group dynamic, a positive affirmation and to

help people feel a part of it, it truly has helped bring more people together. As the weeks and

months passed, 1 became 2, 2 became 4, 4 became 8, 8 became 16….. and today 1 year on in the

club where I was told out right that “This is not a ZUU club”, I have a group with 156+ people in

that have all trained with me in a group environment and ZUU is now the biggest attended class in

my club on a group exercise timetable with over 100 classes on. It’s not because of the class or how

sweaty you get doing it… put simply, I have put people first. Showing a genuine and authentic

interest in them before we even train.

This was something else that I learnt on my ZUU Level 1 course; fulfilling human needs instead of

trying to guess what they want with a piece of equipment or one mould fits all routine. The trainers

that once gave me a bit of stick about it have seen what I have done in the last year and now have

come around to it and said, “Credit where credits due, the members love ZUU and that’s a testament

to you for doing what you believe in”. Most of the PT’s have been and done the class with me too


For those of you who are looking in from the side-lines thinking there’s nothing in it, you’re crazy!

It’s transformed my life personally and so many people that I have worked with as well, not just in

fitness but in their lives too. If I am completely honest, I wish I’d found ZUU before 3 years ago. I

literally haven’t looked back and will continue to represent ZUU, Nathan and his family with truth

and honour.

I am also a fully registered ZUU Affiliate. Post ZUU level 1, I have used the Affiliate resources

countless times to add so much more value on what I was already offering. Without a shadow of

doubt the best human movement course I have ever done, among many. I would 100% recommend

it to anyone looking to improve what they do and to help fully understand the fundamentals of

human movement.

Chris Bradley

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