Our greatest achievements continued- Rob Beauchamp- Royal Marines

I have always said to my students on military PT courses that, ‘Every day’s a school day!” and how true that was for the ZUU course.  I am now a convert, thank you for your inspiration and sharing your knowledge, explaining the real purpose and simple technique adjustments for the exercises made all the difference in the training effect, even to the exercises I have tried in the past.

 Culture – was the BIG take away for me, which I am going to try to implement within the Army unit I currently train; that was a true ‘light bulb’ moment that can be applied to any team that requires to build a fitness culture in the pursuit of mental toughness.  Even if the team is not yet ready for ‘full on’ ZUU their mobility and stability will certainly benefit from using ZUU movements as their warm up and as a capacity builder in pursuit of true athleticism.

 Although I have used gymnastic strength exercises in my own training, and also weighted Bear Crawls, ZUU took bodyweight exercise to a whole other level.  The Level 1 EMOM now ranks in my top three of all time ‘thrashings’ – not entirely sure I want to thank you for that, it is number one because it was athletically purposeful!  The ease and speed with which you and JD breezed through back-to-back EMOMs was truly phenomenal; an illustration of real fitness exemplifying power, mobility and endurance. 

 Now inspired to get out of my comfort zone with ZUU as an invaluable training tool for my usual gymnastic and barbell strength work.  Having chatted with the other PTIs from the course I know they are converts to a man and will be adding ZUU to their own training.  Thanks also for ‘curing’ my chronically tight lower back; a lingering residual stiffness from a near (military) career ending disc herniation some 15+ years ago, that has resulted in increasingly frequent spine contorting back spasms.  I have tried many different approaches and exercises in attempts to address this issue over the years but (seemingly endless) repetitions of Frog Squats ‘hit’ the spot’ instantly – it felt completely normal within the first hour of the course and remains no longer vulnerable.  Even the day after heavy lifting I no longer have to be wary of putting on my socks and I now train with increasing intensity and frequency – I feel that ZUU saved my exercise career and hence my lifelong health!

 Awesome just doesn’t seem to cover ZUU; mobility, stability, strength, power and endurance in one simple but not necessarily easy package that can be adapted to any fitness level or goal from low intensity mobility work to maximal intensity conditioning.  I wish I had known of ZUU decades ago, all those times deployed on ship or remote locations I could have had it all in one session!

 Sincerely thank you and keep up the great work.

 Rob Beauchamp

Former Specialisation Advisor and Assistant Inspector of Physical Training Royal Marines

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