ZUU Enters China 2017

International update from the CEO of ZUU ASIA as we ready ourselves for expansion into China.


“Exciting news, we are very happy to announce ZUU is expanding it’s fitness and movement philosophy to new horizons, in 2017 we will be taking ZUU to China, and welcoming China into our fitness family

A few things have led us to import the ZUU culture into the Chinese market. 

The journey started when I noticed a childhood friend of mine, continually posting about ZUU and how it changed his physique, his mobility and his fitness levels. We watched his posts and videos for well over one year and one morning  a flash of brilliance arrived, this type of fitness culture will be ideal for the Chinese market.

Immediately we searched the web to find out who was the genius behind this.

Together we have spent nearly one year closely exchanging ideas and concepts to bring ZUU alive, all the effort, trust and belief got ZUU to the point we are now.

The timing to bring ZUU to China is perfect with the people centred on beauty coming from health and fitness and not just cosmetics. The ZUU culture most importantly brings out the inner beauty of people.

The timing to launch ZUU is also perfect as we have the full support of the Chinese government with supportive policy. They see the exercise sector expanding to well over 130 million people exercising at least 3 times per week in their latest 5 year plan. 

Huge potential!

We have been based in China for many years and have extensive experience in developing brands we believe in and bringing them to market in harmony with the Chinese way.

We know that the ZUU mix of training, culture and “family” is something that will be embraced by the Chinese community. 

While China has a large population, it is still a “lonely” society and the ZUU culture will be ideal re-igniting familiarity and passion among new Chinese followers. 

ZUU is outside the conventional western training systems, that’s what we really like, the feel of the brand. “Get a touch” is powerful and resonates a feeling of togetherness. The collective approach to training is magical and people feel the collective power to enrich the individual. 

“We got the touch”

All in all we feel we are onto a great concept which will resonate with the Chinese population. Thanks to Nathan and his wife for working closely with us through the setup process and together we will make ZUU a powerful force in China, change lives, bring a sense of community, personal development and achievement.

China its coming !!!!!”

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