Depth and breadth of ZUU

After arriving in Barcelona yesterday to continue to spread the truth of ZUU, the topic came up of how often I personally train. “Twice a day” was my answer much to the astonishment and perhaps disbelief of those in the meeting.

I recounted a story from the beginning of ZUU to illustrate the point.

When ZUU first opened on the Gold Coast, no one knew what it was. I remember hearing that ZUU ranged from sunglasses to clothing as people pondered the name.

If no one came to the advertised session it didn’t mean I went home. Rather, I honed my craft alone for ZUU has had purpose from the beginning.

“The how is driven by the why” I explained.

Why ZUU is unique…besides fitness

In the fitness world I am often compared to other bodyweight modalities and get asked, “what’s so different about ZUU?”.

I talk about the wonderful mobility, injury prevention, low impact high end conditioning of ZUU with no equipment. This grabs their attention very quickly. But then they are speechless when I turn my attention to ZUU encompassing the social and mental health of humans. It is a vehicle for change.

Learning these transferable skills is what I teach for ZUU transcends mere fitness.

The true power of ZUU

It brings families together. Breaks down social & racial barriers. Give hope in areas of life besides fitness. Takes you to a place of self discovery by questioning belief. Opens up a wonderful protected community to belong to. Empower you with knowledge to inspire someone else with the truth of ZUU.


That is why to this day, I train twice a day, alone to practise self discipline in order to stay honest and deliver authenticity to my master trainers. This keeps brand purity as we expand from the bottom up.

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be intimidated by what you see for our culture is based on inclusivity with no egos. Humility must be shown by our trainers in earning respect to carry out the philosophy of ZUU, Liberate Human Movement. Come and learn for yourself the transferable skills of ZUU

Nathan Helberg

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