ZUU is the World’s no.1 course in human movement

and you can now get it anywhere in the World with our Online Course



To our NEW Online Class Course!!

We understand that with so much interest in ZUU globally, our online delivery is crucial to maintain our mission of Liberating Human Movement.

Therefore ZUU Creator, Nathan Helberg wanted to give our online trainers the BEST possible experience to date!

It was that important to him to inspire our online trainers we were able to secure him to film ALL NEW video content.

Here Nathan brings ZUU to LIFE!

With stories gained over the years relating to our history, heritage, culture, programming and more!

These additional videos are all broken down into easy to cover modules as Nathan personally takes you on an amazing journey of ZUU.

We have created more of a learning structure to help you keep momentum towards certification and qualification to become a ZUU affiliate.


By the end of your class course, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe what ZUU is and why it exists
  • Describe the heritage and why we are so proud of this
  • Describe what ZUU culture is and why its so unique
  • Demonstrate ALL level 1 movements with regressions and progressions
  • Identify additional features of ZUU towards HIIT training
  • Identify the formatting of ZUU and how to practically apply them with traditional training
  • Describe how to use ZUU to meet any clients fitness needs


To achieve the objectives, we’ll cover the following:

  • Brand NEW video content to give deeper understanding to our written modules
  • History of ZUU
  • Heritage of ZUU
  • ZUU Culture
  • Science of ZUU
  • Anchor movements of level 1
  • General movements of level 1
  • Weapon movements of level 1
  • Programming and integration of ZUU
  • Class structure over two weeks to help you complete your work for assessment
  • First hand knowledge by ZUU creator Nathan Helberg to inspire you
  • Qualification as a ZUU Bronze Instructor and qualification for affiliation with ZUU

Our aim is to earn your respect through our content. Inspire you with our purpose. Deliver the most engaging online course available so you can join the global ZUU family as we continue to spread #Truth